First, it’s bad enough that kinja will barely let me log in on my phone.

But now, when I am on my computer, half of the comment sections on posts are fucked up. If this was another site, I would be questioning my computer. However, kinja is kinja and can I at least get it back on my phone? Damn.

Anyway, this post is actually about Us.

I saw the movie on Sunday. I enjoyed it. Let me unsettled for nearly the whole day. I won’t be spoiling anything here.

Look, I think it’s actually fun to try to find deeper meaning in movies esp horror movie because some many of the OG horror movie did. Go crazy with your theories if you have them.


But this... This ain’t it:


I already said I won’t spoil anything (except maybe in the comments), but how did this happen? How do you watch that movie all the way through and be like, “A strong family unit is what saved them!” I didn’t think about this framing of the movie until I read this review, yet I came away thinking the opposite because I actually watched the whole movie. Help me understand this.

I am confusion.

Oh also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything from Jez seep into my twitter TL until today because everyone seems to be dragging Tracy for (what I assume is) a trash ass article (I shall not not be reading it):


Lol @ Jez.

And shotout to whomever crossposted that AVClub article. You’re a real one.