Because I wouldn’t redact the names of all of these writers. I’d sit back and watch the world burn.


I’m not surprised that prominent (cis) people in the media are sympathetic to Singal and the “detransitioners” narrative. For all the advancements the trans community has witnessed over even just the past few years, society still largely doesn’t know anything about us. So Singal is an expert in something he isn’t even a part of because people don’t know any better.

Think of it like this. If Iggy Azalea had purported herself to be an expert in black people, the black community would appropriately be mortified and pissed. So why is Singal actually respected as an expert in something he literally has no experience in? And no, a few Google searches and interviewing a few that detransitioned doesn’t make one an expert.

I’ll have to update my research, but even as far recently back as mid-2017, the trans community’s strongest support was among young adult women around 19-23 years old, and even that was only something like 78%. Democrats as a whole were only something like 60-70% depending on the poll and we won’t even talk about the Republicans.


I also need to remind everyone that you shouldn’t be surprised that prominent journalists on the left aren’t as pro-trans as they appear on the record. For as awful as the Republicans have been to us, the Democrats don’t have that great of a record, either. They’ve been better to us but make no mistake, the TERF mentality is on the left, too. A cynical part of me thinks that Democrat politicians are only pro-trans now because the Republicans decided to make hating us a hot button issue.

This is why I like educating people. These narratives will continue to gain traction (and TERFs and their allies will slowly make progress) until enough people know the actual truth.