I have to thank so many. A heart this petty and bitter isn’t built on its own. All of you assholes in middle and high school, the morons I see everyday on tv and the Internet, hell, maybe even you have built this pretentious, pointless fire in my soul. And now with a slightly larger audience, Clashtalk, perhaps my annoyance can be held at bay for just a while longer.

Most people claim to hate drama, not me. At least with regards to kinja. I enjoyed Gawker burning to the ground. No, I’m not bitter about being banned for God-knows-what reason. Bastards.

The glory of amateur snark is literally having nothing much to lose. I mean, there’s this screen name, which I’ve consistently used over my internet citizenship which fairly easily doxxes me (Follow me on Twitter!) but what? Is Univision going to sue me for criticizing G/D/Je/K/L/Ja authors? (Plz don’t) I’ll keep my snark on professionals within and outside Kinja (Trump, amirite? LOLOLOLLOLLOL)

I honestly believe that the reader run blogs I frequent are better than their paid equivalents, and I’d bet the ones I don’t are as well.

I hope to mildly entertain you every once in a while. Can't be worse than ANOTHER Big Brother post right?