Things that shouldn’t exist on Kinja but for some reason do:

The weekly podcast of Jezebel (wtf is listening to this? wtf is even commenting in the posts?)

Any post on the Muse but especially their “Fashion Week” coverage

The AV Club putting up a post every 10 minutes. FR, every 10 minutes. I like the site but I feel so overwhelmed like I’m obligated to read everything.

Earther and I’m not even going to link to it because fuck that, they can get clicks organically (don’t worry, I care about the environment. Just not through this medium).


Coverage of Rick and Morty across virtually every Kinja site (I feel like I can only be on the Root to escape this). To test this, go on any Kinja site and type in Rick and Morty and tell. me. that. there. wasn’t. a. post. in. the. last. 24. hours. Bonus points if you go on AV Club.


OFFSPRING DOT LIFEHACKER DOT COM (I just found this the other day and was like wtf is this watered down version of a Mommy blog?)

BS like this that nobody in their right goddamn mind would do yet it amazes me when I read the comments and sure enough some person is like “I use cereal boxes!” WTF y’all throwing away tho?

PS - hi y’all, I’m Hachi. I’m happy to be part of this community of fellow shit talkers.