Is Gawker recruiting commenters from a super-earnest area of the Internet, where no one can recognize or take a joke, think "discussion and debate" means finding minor exceptions to spot-on generalizations ("This is an exception to your remark, and even though it doesn't shed any light whatsoever on the topic at hand, I will pedantically try to derail this thread and show you that you are WRONG in the most minimal way imaginable."), and try to pick fights over bullshit parameters they themselves set up to debate issues on their terms (i.e., the person who tried to get me to debate who has a better Iraq approach, Chelsea Manning or Dick Cheney. Uh, neither of those people's opinions are relevant, sir or ma'am, so why are we talking about them at all?)? My tolerance is low for this kind of shit, and I beat myself up every time I engage these assholes even though I can see their shit coming from a mile away.