I have returned from Boise. I learned how to remove prisoners from cells and communication with a big voice. I also did some very bad things. Some of you know that prior to living in the greatest state in the union I lived in Florida. While in Florida I got a taste for the greatest sammich in all the land....the Chik-Fil-a chicken sammich. Chik Fil A is a horrible business as we all know. I have taken a moral stand which is easy when you don't have the smell of sweet fried chicken in a five hundred mile radius of you. In Boise the landscape is riddled with them. When I was pregnant and living in an emotionally abusive relationship those sammiches gave me a little joy. I sat in my truck in the Target parking lot listening to Frank DeCaro on Sirus eating a classic chicken and waffle fries. For that twenty minutes no one was yelling at me, telling me that my growing body was replusive, my partner wasn't ignoring me to watch porn and message random girls on MySpace. I had peace. So while in Boise I broke, that moral stand gave way to a bag of chicken sammiches and the warm feelings they use to give me. Then I threw up because I ate like three of them.