Is it just me or does sunshine act as a thermostat for the libido? It been warm for 3 days now, and all I want to do is lay in the sun, smoke tabs, drink beer and commit acts of debauchery. One can hope.

Also... In my humble opinion ' in' jokes don't have to be funny, more a reminder of a shared event between the people that were actually there. 'Thing is I have an odd sense of humour and most of the time my working day is spent with Dougal my dog. But, this funny as fuck one liner was heard in my earshot the other night, had I been with anyone but Dougal I'd have been laughing my cock off.

I'm loading all my tools back in the van at the end of a very long day, 9pm or sumat. There's these two teenage girls walking down the street talking loudly like teenagers do. One's talking to the other about her coat or jumper being baggy and swishy or something like that.

Then she says, "it's my shoulders, they proper swag it out. "

I've been dying to use "swag it out" ever since.

It's sunny today littlewing " yeah the sun's proper swagging it out '.

Turn off the light littlewing, "dont worry I'll proper swag it out with my shoulder ".


"swag us out a cuppa tea please love"

And on and on.