Weird thing happened to me on the ol' eff book. I joined in, oh, probably 2009. A few days ago, I got a notification that "FirstName LastName" had joined. I did not recognize the name. At all. I went to the profile but there was next to nothing there.

I assumed it was a spambot trollperson (you know, the ones that just auto-post ads and stuff — I had a few problems with them on a page I administer until I kicked some ass and took some names), and didn't give it another thought. Then just now, I get a notification that "FirstName LastName" has accepted my friend request. What. The. Fuck. When I saw the profile, I realized this is someone I used to work with like 10 years ago, and she apparently got married and took her husband's name which is why I didn't recognize it.

But the weird thing is, I GAR-ON-TEE that I never sent this woman a friend request. And even if I did, in the first blush of joining (if so, I was mildly insane at the time), would that thing really hang around for FIVE YEARS? I find it creepy and unsettling. I put her on my restricted list. I felt bad to unfriend since she is just getting started and only has like 17 friends so she would probably notice. Why I care about that, I'm not sure.

I have certainly gotten more careful about my online presence in the five or so years since I first joined the eff bee, but I sure as shit can't imagine that I ever wanted to have an online connection with this woman.