Now, this shouldn’t really be a surprise. It was insinuated every single time Hamilton Nolan cheekily posted a violent image as a header along with his “completely innocent” criticisms of late-stage capitalism. It was an undercurrent with every Libby Watson tantrum, or a snide subtle aside every time Rafi Schwartz went off on a tangent.

So, it was a little refreshing to see Paul Blest finally outright say it.

This is really what Splinter is all about now. Inciting shit, getting people angry to the point that they revolt. There is/was/never will be any real intention of solidarity. They have just as much disdain and contempt for American democracy as the GOP they mock and ridicule.

They, and the section of the left they cater to, are bad faith actors, no better than the alt-right they pretend to scorn.