I am posting in Clashtalk for the first time (THIS IS NOT GROUPTHINK. I AM LOST. WHERE IS THE BATHROOM???P). This is a special post, basically just for Empress Foofypants because I just read her thing about spoilers (and someone made a Crying Game joke), so I had to post this.

This is about spoilers.

If you are old like me, you remember Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel used to do their annual 'If We Picked The Winners' show, where they got all fancified and dressed up and presented the winners they picked. Dude, it was awesome.

Everyone knows Gene and Roger had a crazy fun antagonistic relationship. But all their shit came to a head on this show. Here's the full show.

Go to about 9:00 to start where all the shit goes down. For backstory (I seriously doubt there's any of you that don't know this), the movie had been marketed as 'THE BIGGEST SECRET OF ALL TIME.' Critics were sworn to secrecy before they were allowed to screen it. Everyone was keeping the 'secret' on the downlow. This was talked about everywhere that year—and people were pretty good about not spilling the beans.


Until this moment.

This show was done months after the film had been out. Jaye Davidson was up for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. So when it came time for Gene to give his pick for Best Supporting Actor, he was basically like 'I can't muffle my opinions on this category because you didn't go see it after all this time.'


So then, Roger rips into him for it. It's fucking awesome. Roger was genuinely pissed. Watch it and tell me if anyone on E! is ever this passionate about the sanctity of cinema.

Anyway, anytime someone brings up spoilers, my brain goes right to this moment. Have fun watching the show and talking about spoilers. I am going to finish my wine and watch old episodes of Siskel and Ebert.


And hey, Empress Foofypants, you can make your case again for moderating spoiler-y posts.