Ok, so I am immediately breaking the rules of the title and putting a few that I continue to watch to this day... but they almost always end in tears for me.


  • Futurama, “Jurassic Bark” - nothing more needs to be said
  • The West Wing, “18th and Potomac” - You kind of have to watch this (and really, the entirety of season 2 before it) to fully appreciate “Two Cathedrals” following it, but damn if it isn’t a gut punch every time.
  • The Simpsons, “’Round Springfield” - I love Lisa episodes, and there’s something that’s sadly beautiful about her last jam with Bleeding Gums Murphy set to “The Jazzman.” I get a little misty-eyed just thinking about it.
  • MASH, “Abyssinia, Henry” - I got into MASH when I was in college, catching a marathon on FX one day. I grew to love the earlier, less melodramatic seasons more, and Henry Blake was one of the big reasons why. Knowing how the episode ends, it’s kind of like watching “Jurassic Bark” in that even with all the funny parts before you get there, you know there’s a painfully sad moment heading your way. I have the first three seasons on DVD, but I have yet to watch this episode again.

I’ve got more, but they all really just expose me as a big, emotional goober. So please, share any TV that made you feel like a sad sack after watching it.