Hey, my dad, a retired teacher, brought up a point and I wanted to get everyone's take on this. He feels that if I don't mention right up front about the fact that I am satisfied with the caliber of the teachers and the education my daughter is receiving, that I run the risk of sounding like just someone who complains about everything. I do think it's important that people know I am absolutely not dissatisfied with the work the teachers are doing, and that's come through in some of the responses to comments that I've made. But if you guys hadn't seen any of those comments โ€” does it sound like I just want to complain about EVERYTHING? I think I've made it clear that my beef is with the administration, the State, the damn ridiculous fees, and the lame justifications thereof. I know that my dad, being a teacher, is probably sensitive to the teachers not getting a shout-out.

He also brought up all the accommodations that she was given as a student who missed 6 weeks of school due to brain tumor surgery. Well, that's all pretty much a legal requirement, and it doesn't cost them a thing to do, so it has no bearing on this fee issue anyway, unless you want to talk about a parent paying both these fees AND gigantic medical bills. Don't get me wrong, he's totally supportive, but he did start out the conversation by saying, "Well I thought you were really pleased with the way the school handled WW Jr's transition back to school," as if that would preclude me being pissed off about these fees. Not to mention that *I* put a shit-ton of time and effort into the transitioning and working with the school, individual teachers, her counselors, etc. It wasn't like they magically gave her these accommodations and whisked her around school on a magic carpet. I had to meet with the school, along with the hospital's advocate, and outline what she needed, etc. I had to work with every one of her teachers. I'm sure that my effort and outlay was three or four times greater than what any individual counselor, teacher or administrator needed to do. OK, maybe twice as much as her counselor, who did help out quite a bit. That's her job.

Anyway, on this webcast thing tomorrow (if it happens, sounds like they were having a hard time booking the other people they wanted, so it could get cancelled), I told my dad I would start out by saying that I felt my daughter was receiving a good education and that the teachers were great and overworked. I just don't quite see the direct bearing my issues with the district and fees have on any opinion I might have of the teachers, but he seemed to feel it would come off like I was complaining about everything if I didn't clarify. Thoughts?