Because there was a scene that happened on this latest episode that made me ready to murder.

Project Greenlight is a reality show about the shooting of a feature film. They pick a fledgling director and set him up with a $3M budget to make a movie. In this case they had a script picked out to shoot but the director whinged enough about the poor quality of the chosen script that they let him make his own movie that he had written. That was mistake number one with this guy.

It should be noted that the director is white and his movie is full of nothing but rich white people. The main producer is this African American woman, Effie Brown, who in my estimation is basically a living sunbeam. She also comes off as extremely competent and is not afraid to stand up for herself when it counts. So combine an experienced, confident WOC whose job it is to ride herd on an insecure yet extremely entitled white guy newbie and, well, at this point he believes she is actively trying to sabotage his movie just because budgetwise he can’t get his way on every single thing he wants to do. The guy is making zero concessions and basically treating her like (1) she’s a moron and (2) she’s hostile to the project, when she is obviously neither.

I don’t know, this is just a really good illustration of what people of color, and maybe women particularly because there is obviously a gender dynamic at play as well, wind up facing in some work environments. You really see the work twice as hard to get half the credit aspect, and watching Effie bite her tongue so as not to be creating a “problem” when she gets shit from this callous prick is making me crazy. There was a certain moment this week where he patiently explained to her that when it’s nighttime it’s dark out or something equally asinine and her expression as you see her just deciding to let that one go by nearly caused me to pass out.

This season started with a big (twitter) controversy where in the first episode Matt Damon started whitesplaining a bunch of things to her about diversity in casting and staffing films, and it has only gotten worse. Congrats on getting me to root for your stupid-looking project to fail, Jason nobody whatever your name is.