Because if not, why does it exist and how is it getting so many views?

All these posts read like lazily written paid content and like, who exactly is it for? This has been going on since 2017!

I won’t even begin to talk what networks like TLC have become... Why is this even a show to begin with? So many questions, so few answers.

And in other news, I’m surprised I read this on Breitbart and not Splinter. Even more surprising, all things considered, Breitbart actually did a decent job covering this. I can't wait for Splinter's take, should they ever stop talking about Saint Bernie long enough to pay attention to other things in the world.


And for Laura, maybe if she weren’t annoying and feeling entitled she wouldn’t essentially be in the same place that Milo Yiannopoulos is right now. Also, she should get more than an elementary school understanding of how the First Amendment works.

TL;DR so you don’t have to read a Breitbart article, she was banned from CPAC because the event’s organizers saw from a mile away that she was just going to be there to attack people and expect an endorsement and a safe space for it. While CPAC may love failed Bond villains, you have to be more than just a nobody with a social media account and no idea how the world works. Exceptions of course for Diamond and Silk who really only seem to exist as the “but I have a black friend” excuse for the entire GOP.