Paging Nick Martin. Ya know... you’re Splinter’s expert on Native American affairs, after all. Nothing to say as the President invokes the Trail of Tears? Nothing at all?

Katherine Krueger, ya there? Isn’t reporting on Twitter allegedly in your job description? Where ya at? Did you finally log off like you sarcastically sneered at others to do?

The silence is deafening even as your echo chamb... I mean... your non-trolling comment section drags Warren for finally officially entering the campaign race. Why is that?

Could it be that it’s evidence that President Donald J. Trump was going to keep needling Warren on this whole Pocahontas thing no matter what she did? That her actions in what amounted to a no-win situation wasn’t nearly as big of a deal as you made it out to be? That you took an awful angle and went after someone trying to stick it to the president for dumb promises he made, and instead did his work for him?

Does it rip apart the narrative you’ve constructed, and so you’re hoping that if you say nothing... it’ll just go away?


In the words of the honorable Judge Smails:

“Well? We’re waiting.”

UPDATE: David Boddiger (one of the few actually competent editors and contributors to the blog) finally put up a post on the matter.