I haven't watched that much TV for months (just Netflix) and just started again because parents were visiting. These commercials are NUTS. Can there be more ways to make people feel inadequate?

So there's a commercial that is for some kind of urinary incontinence medication. A daughter is trying on a bridal gown. Her mother gets the urge and leaves. The daughter then gazes brokenheartedly at Mom's empty chair while a bridal shop lady adjusts the dress. The voiceover is something like, "are you missing the most important moments in life"?

I'm sorry, if a person is so impatient that she can't wait for Mom to come back from the toilet so she can see the wedding dress and is almost incapacitated by grief because of her momentary absence, that person ought not be getting married. Bladder trouble is no joke, but Mom ought be more worried by her dysfunctional daughter.