My dad just turned 62 (61? 63? Something early 60ish). His entire life he's voted Democrat. When I was a youngish teenager, back before the Republicans got super crazy, if I said 'hey, what that Republican said just made some sort of sense, why aren't you going to vote for him?' I would get an hours long lecture on why Republicans were the worst, why he always voted Dem, blah blah blah.

So explain to me how I just had an hour long debate over climate change with my dad. He thinks that the Carolinas getting their earliest snowfall on record means that there's no thing as global warming. Then last night some liberal (even I admit it is liberal) measure passed, in a town we don't live in, in a COUNTY we don't live in. This brought on some long rant over something (I tuned him out after awhile. Sorry dad.) But the gist was the liberals were destroying this country, going to hell in a handbasket.

So how much longer until my CNN/MSNBC watching dad becomes a Fox News all the time right winger? And how many years left can I expect before I turn into the same? Because I want to enjoy my liberal youth.