I happened to have a great outfit on at work Thursday, so after work I went to a cafe in my neighborhood (I am under therapist instructions to go out alone every so often.) I was reading with a class of wine and a woman struck up a conversation with me while her husband was putting in their order. The three of us ended up talking quite a bit.

Today I get a very lovely email on my work account (I told them where I worked and what I did, but didn't give my address) from the husband saying how much he and his wife enjoyed meeting me, thanked me for treating them as if we were already friends, and hoped that we could keep in touch. Also, "I sent you a friend request on FB, I hope that's OK."

So it was VERY nice and respectful, but for some reason it freaked me out just a little. Is this normal? They have a daughter interested in a field I know a lot about, so that could be it.