How are things? Burning to the ground, obviously. It’s Easter and we all have some time off. Instead of spending it with loved ones, what are some worthwhile distractions you’d recommend? I recommend reading this profile of James Deen, which paints a grim but fascinating portrait:

From [Deen’s] blog:

(another performer) introduced me to this musician named fetty wap. now we love fetty wap. he is a musical genius. through fetty wap i have been introduced to this other guy named “drake”. i have heard of drake here and there but i have never heard a drake song. you know what… drake is awesome. not as awesome as the fetty wap. he is a musical genius. drake is still pretty cool though. well maybe not cool, but he is a good musician.

did i mention he is a musical genius

36 people Liked this, 21 Unliked it, no-one Commented and it reads like some primitive cargo-cult version of Patrick Bateman reviewing Huey Lewis albums between decapitations.

What have you been reading, listening to, or doing?