Want an update? Of course you do.

Her latest deal is speeders on the street. Our street's speed limit is 25, but that's tooooo fast for her. So she's taking down names of everyone she sees speeding and is turning them in to the HOA president. This of course is accomplishing nothing. So she went out and bought a plastic neon sign, something about children are playing so drive slow, and PUT IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET, blocking anyone from driving through unless you slow down to a crawl and inch your way past. I get caught by it as I'm coming home and decide either my options are to run over the sign or stop, get out and move the thing. Option 2 was better for my car, so while I'm moving the sign (under the glare of her kid) she comes running out, telling me that the sign is there to stop speeders because they almost ran over her kid playing in the street. I tell her how I can't get through, and she repeats again about the speeders. I realize I'm still holding her stupid sign and my car is blocking the road, so I hand the sign back and leave, with her kid still glaring at me.

I did get an apology email later - small victory!

Next day, plastic sign is gone to be replace with a handwritten sign in their yard saying "Speed limit - 5 MPH". It is impossible to go anything less than 15 on our street, we live on a hill, so 5 mph would send you rolling backwards. Plus, not a legal sign, city doesn't care and has already said that 25 for a residential neighborhood is legal and more than adequate. But now, anyone going more than 5 is being turned into the HOA for speeding. Which means every runner and bicyclist is on the list as well. Possibly some turtles too. Because her kid HAS to play in the street and won't move out of the way of cars and instead has a stand off with them.

Well, obviously the handwritten sign has pissed off the neighborhood and it's still not doing any good. Every person that lives here is on the list of speeders (we're all heathens) and so SocialButterfly has taken it up with Head of HOA. The solution? The city is installing (temporarily) a radar meter that will track the speed of everyone that goes past and *supposedly* there's a way to match the speed to which car. And even if not, SB is going to sit by the meter with a camera and a notebook and take notes herself.

Seriously, the city is doing this for *ONE* person. They know her that well.

Problem is, the city and SB can't agree on which speed is considered speeding. SB obviously wants 5, the city says they can't ticket anyone unless they're going over 30.


(I hesitate to put a lot of stuff on here about this neighbor anymore, because I found out she's a Gawker media reader. Not sure if she's a commentor and if she knows about the sub-blogs. If I disappear, I guess I'll have found out.)