Now I know we aren’t talking about ourselves. Just maybe we are a naturally abhorrent genre of the human species. Buckle up for a wild 4 years of being Shit on. Today, January 20th, 2017 we will have the most spineless, vulgar, detested, LAZY, selfish, unempathic, vile, ungracious, egomaniac, sloven, entitled, bigoted, hateful, vengeful, incompetent, nepotistic, undermining, bad willed, poorly tempermented, eradic, juvenile, compromised, mysoginist, fascist presidents in the history of the united states.

If you will please note, I never once mentioned his tiny fucking hands, his obviously bad hair, his terrible spray tan with the way to white eyes, his fucking ratings obsession, his obvious disdain for hating the office he can’t believe he won, and his hatred of you. He actually is the wet dream of bootstrap, entitlement, royalty that is the closest thing we have seen since the feudal system in the now very much fading united, oh, wait, divided states of America.

And to my home state of Nebraska, get fucked. And to my new home Colorado, it is only going to get more blue.

Fuck you the half of the population that didn’t vote, fuck you if you didn’t vote in local elections.

This is how democracy works. I guess we all just get fucked now because you couldn’t stop playing with yourselves long enough to put your name next to Hillary. FYI watching SNL does not count as a fucking vote.

We live in a republic that leans towards a democracy. There is zero reason that any of us should trust this incoming cabinet, or congress. They, very literally, have under funded education,(the GOP) because they need people stupid enough to plow through their agenda.


I definitely like getting fucked, but not by half a country that didn’t vote but overwhelmingly doesn’t like the guy they let run it. I am looking at you Susan, I hope you die with the rest of the baby boomers, Sarandon.