Between the increasing number of stories about Bill Cosby, the UVA scandal, the (unfortunately pretty regular) instances of rape involving athletes, etc., people look for explanations. Sports/celebrity/frat culture all get examined, and rightly so. A larger culture that treats women's and girls' bodies as male property, absolutely. And then, if you are an idiot, there is astrology.

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Astrologically there are a number of red flags that can suggest the high potential for a physical attack, rape, and murder, or all combinations. Although these "astrological signatures" are from data listing female assaults, these same signatures can apply to men by simply interchanging Venus for Mars…

For women, and for girls, some of the prime indicators for assault is the Venus and Pluto hard aspects (conjunction, square and opposition) and any variables that include the 2nd, 7th, and 8th houses (houses naturally ruled by Venus and Pluto)…

My intention here is to alert Astrologers, counselors, and medical/legal professionals to the potential for sexual assault that is held in the timing of one's own natal, and progressed charts.


That's right, even when making up bullshit explanations for rape, this guy (who is, according to his website, a Certified Practicing Astrologer, which I'm pretty sure is as impressive as my website, which makes it clear that I'm a Certified Elf) blames the woman's cosmic alignment for being attacked rather than the man's for doing the attacking.

Also, thanks for adding in the bit at the end about providing this information for the benefit of "medical/legal professionals." That will really save time for the next ER doctor who asks her- or himself, "This seems like a sexual assault, based on the victim's story and my years of medical training and experience, but if only I had a batshit crazy fraud to give me guidance on this one."