An earlier post alluded to the prevalence, nay preponderance, of animated .gifs in the comment sections of Jezebel. In my mind, an animated .gif is nothing more than proof positive that an entire swath of the supposedly educated populace lacks the ability to form a coherent paragraph. Instead of composing a thoughtful reply, they simply reach into their digital goody bag and toss out a short, kinetic response (usually feline in nature) that has all the logic and impact of Sarah Palin on Depakote. It's a lazy shibboleth that let's everyone know that you are too cool to reply using an actual language, but here's a kitty .gif. A non-verbal form of communication, it is the the equivalent of a shoulder shrug, or Rob Ford's blank stare.

In short, the animated .gif is a scourge.

I assume now that the comments section of this post will be composed entirely of animated .gifs.