So I had this ongoing gum infection and because of various reasons (one being my dentist thinking I'm totally fine, another being my dental insurance changed to a DMO which means I have a new dentist) it went neglected and I'd been walking around with vague pain and pressure and feeling like general shit all the time and panicking over what might happen if I don't feel better and chewing Advil 2-3 times a day since Christmas Eve ... Blah blah.

I ended up in Urgent Care last night with my face swelling at an alarming rate. I was eating tortilla soup and my body just said, oh FUCK NO and all of a sudden my cheek was growing. Like a bee sting reaction. I could actually watch it and feel it happen. It was impressive and also embarrassing because I'm secretly quite vain. It was scary but also I was so relieved because I have known something was fucking wrong and I knew Urgent Care was going to finally fix it. I really thought they might keep me at first, and I was actually looking forward to it.

They didn't waste any time. I was in and out and home with my bottle in less than 2 hours. No blood work, no waiting. I'm on 450mg of Clindamycin 3x day and the swelling is going down, and with it my anxiety. Still, I've been in bed all day slathering on face creams and playing on my iPad. I still feel totally worn down, and my appetite is dead (yay for fitting back into skinny jeans again-just lost my holiday 5) but guess what?

I'm still here! And I'm going to get better! And my son feels so bad he even took a shower today (he's 14), and did his own laundry and even did some chores.

And hopefully I can drag myself out of bed first thing tomorrow because I'm working a wild day ( weekends mean nothing to me) on a big event but then have 2 days off to recuperate and visit my new dentist and scrounge around for some weed.