You guys, I think if we all chip in we can move Salutation Island. It’s only $125,000,000—so if we split the cost, we should be good.

Salutation is an exquisite 85+ acre island on the North Shore of Long Island. To acquire an entire island of this magnitude and beauty is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The fact that it lies less than 1 hour from New York City by car, and less than 30 minutes by air or sea makes it remarkable. The Manor House is an example of the extraordinary craftsmanship and resources available to the creators of the fabled Gold Coast estates. There are 5 additional major residences on the island plus an 8 stall stable, paddocks and groomsman’s cottage.


The fortified 700 foot sea wall, a 250 foot dock that accommodates yachts and seaplanes, and 2 helicopter spots complete this phenomenal property.

Everyone will have room for their yachts, seaplanes, and helicopters. This is the perfect place to start our cult.