Does anyone remember that movie The Hand That Rocks the Cradle? Where Annabella Sciorra has a baby and Rebecca de Mornay is the deranged nanny with a score to settle? Because Annabella had ratted out de Mornay’s husband (Q) the perverted gynecologist for feeling her up and then he shot himself so she lost her own baby?

I mean, it was directed by Curtis Hanson.

I’m watching it right now and I’m not sure if this is intentional or not but I’m kind of rooting for the nanny. I thought it was kind of sweet when she skulked upstairs in the middle of the night to breastfeed Annabella’s baby. And Annabella’s pretty insufferable, she hires a full time live in nanny solely so she can focus on building her own greenhouse in the backyard. I mean, doesn’t she kind of deserve a deranged psychotic nanny, just for that alone?

And Ernie Hudson painfully portrays the sweet intellectually impaired guy who Annabella is soooo condescending to. She calls him “special people” and then immediately turns on him at the first sign of trouble. I almost prefer the nanny, who shoots him dirty looks behind everyone else’s back.

Was there a time in my life when I would have sided with the obnoxious bougie couple? Possibly!