While my rooting interests may have been somewhat complicated going into Sunday's game, one aspect couldn't have been simpler- whoever loses this game becomes the unquestioned worst team in the NFL. And it's not us!

After MJD went down with a bum ankle (apparently sustained on the play of the game, when Charles Woodson flew over a blocker to knock Jones-Drew out of bounds and save a touchdown) the Jaguars found themselves, either due to injury or suspension, without their projected first-stringer at every offensive skill position. The Raiders built an early lead off the ground game, stuck to it, and were actually in control of the game for the duration. Probably the last time we'll see that this season.

As was noted going in, there is only so much to be taken away from playing against a team so terrible. Again, the Raiders looked sharp and disciplined. Contrasted with so much of the sloppiness we saw in the nationally televised games in Week 1, what the Raiders did with a patchwork o-line was admirable. The run blocking looked much better this week. But the most promising development was the defensive play calling. They blitzed on seemingly every down in the second half. As a fan, that, more than anything else, is what I wanted to see this year. It's been painful watching the Raiders D consistently sit back passively and be equally shitty against the run and pass for most of my adult lifetime while it's been obvious that bringing the heat is the only way to stop the modern passing game. Factor in the lack of talent in our front seven, and it makes all the sense in the world to go down swinging while we're playing from behind most of this year. Finally, we appear to have a 21st Century defensive scheme. Now if we could just find some players...

Speaking of which, I think there is playing time up for grabs at WR now, because Denarius Moore fucking sucks. His first year was incredible. Last year, I'm putting more of the blame on Palmer's shoulders than he seemed to want to accept. But this year, Jesus... every fucking pass is hitting him in the shoulder pads and bouncing straight up into the air. That's not good.

But I'm sure there will be plenty of time over the course of the season to dissect the team's many flaws. Right now, let us revel in that glorious, glorious W. And the fact that the Niners got fucking destroyed by Seattle. HA HA!