I was going to write about that absolutely ridiculous snarky piece (and equally ridiculous comments) on Splinter about the Trump kid going to the SOTU, but I found something way better: Jesse Singal responds to Harron Walker.

Remember when Harron did this? Ah yes, she had a chance to speak to the infamous Jesse Singal and she wasted it being absolutely unprofessional. As much as I may not like the guy, I can’t blame him for not giving her the time of day.

But he did write a response about her! (emphasis mine) From his Medium

In certain cases, outlets inserted into my article or my brain stuff that isn’t there, and then responded to that fictional material rather than to the actual text. In other cases, they got the science wrong in potentially damaging ways. I’ll start with the former, where Jezebel is the most notable example. Following the publication of my article, Harron Walker, a contributor there, published some tweets ridiculing me in a rather puerile manner — in one of them, the ‘joke’ appears to be her imagining that I have multiple speech impediments — and sent me a bunch of harassing emails that clearly weren’t good-faith requests for comment. She proudly posted much of this in her article, “What’s Jesse Singal’s Fucking Deal?,” for some reason:

When I didn’t respond, Walker took that as license to simply manufacture, based on who knows what, my ostensible opinion about the informed consent model of trans healthcare, or the idea that trans adults, once informed of the benefits and potential risks of treatments like hormone replacement theory, should get to decide whether to avail themselves of those treatments, without doctors and other potential gatekeepers unduly stymieing them from making that decision:

I don’t have a “deep mistrust” of the informed consent model; I’m in favor of it. I obviously — obviously — don’t think a two-year “real-life test” is a reasonable prerequisite for adults who want hormones. Walker could have found that out by sending me a legitimate interview request, or, simpler still, by fully reading the article she was critiquing, which I don’t think she did. That seems like a fair assumption, at least, given that there’s a section of my piece, not too far down, in which I make the exact same points about lack of access to care and the importance of informed consent that Walker herself made in her response:

The point is, no one could read that as me being opposed to the informed consent model, let alone having a “deep mistrust” of it. And yet that was Walker’s — and Jezebel’s — take: to simply attribute to me an opinion I don’t hold, and which is directly contradicted by what I actually wrote in the article supposedly being critiqued.



Oh and don’t worry, she took great care in being a professional...


He’s got a point. Her post was so bad she didn’t even find valid points to fight him on, so she went and invented her own. She didn’t even seem to fully read the source material.

Now don’t get me wrong, Singal isn’t a great journalist, either. That entire Medium post is him crying about his critics. Which, if he didn’t essentially write TERF and Breitbart reader dog whistles (even if his true intentions are good, which they genuinely do appear to be) he wouldn’t get so much flak. His writing style can be seen as an attack and it’s also seemingly intentionally controversial (so he gets clicks and attention?). If he wrote about detransitioning (admittedly, an important subject when it comes to trans people) with greater care he might get better responses. Buuuuut, considering prominent journalists were falling over themselves (with their own weirdly transphobic opinions) to pat him on the back, we haven’t seen the last of this.


His obsession with this subject and his writing style isn’t helping the trans community like he thinks it is. And he absolutely by no stretch of the imagination is this godly expert on trans issues that he thinks he is. He’s a journalist, no more. He isn’t even trans, so to say that people like myself are somehow less qualified to talk about issues I live every day?

Yeah, you can go pound sand too, mate.