Jezebel can’t even do a fun weed video right. I checked out some of it, and it’s six minutes of some of them sitting on stools talking about eating CBD gummies and being all pretty lucid and cognizant. It’s boring. As much as I can’t stand Tracie or Rich, the Pot Psychology videos were more fun because they got silly and made dumb jokes. This video is just them trying to act “too cool for school” and talking about taking weed for their anxiety and stuff. They should have just gotten high and filmed it with them laying about a lounge talking about weird visions they are having or whatever. 

From the screenshot, I thought Katie was Joanna. Same haircut and face.

How many of them have bangs? Several seem to have the same haircut.

To be shallow, I thought Clover and Harron were the prettiest of the bunch.

I’ve never been into weed. I tried it a few times when I was aged 17-19, but it just made me feel giddy and dumb, so I haven’t tried it since. So I do feel a little outside of the whole weed scene or more mainstream popularity with its legality, but ah well.