So, Jez recently reported on a twitter feud between people who are in no way celebrities. You can judge the merits of the piece, but the reaction to this has been quite interesting. The tweets are too messy to embed in a post so I’ll throw them in the comments, but this just left me wondering, as many an advisor and reviewer has said to me over the years, ‘So what?’

Two things struck me as kind of awful on the first read: (1) that this story appeared to have no value except for its titillation. Surely people who make unwise statements on twitter and then delete them should not be subject to intense media scrutiny; and (2a) that the story is tagged, I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD HOES. Obviously hilarious because of the contrast between sex workers and Maya Angelou; and (2b) because the story is reimagined as Their Eyes Were Watching God. Taken alone, perhaps that wouldn’t have raised so much of an issue, but to invoke two major pieces of black literature by referencing Maya Angelou and Zora Neale Hurston?

Back to so what? There is nothing unique about Jez’s take on this story (except perhaps the above racial weirdness). And maybe this would have been worth reporting (big maybe) if someone had have said, ‘Well, what about this story is interesting, from a feminist perspective?’ But much like Lena Dunham’s photoshop, and Amy Pascal’s shopping history, I don’t think there is anything. ETA: Thanks to Mallory Ortberg, I now realise that a bunch of crimes were probably committed and twitter/blogs apparently find that hilarious. The general apathy and/or derision is worth reporting on.