Editing is hard. Very hard. Poor Jia sometimes has to take a break from editing in order to recharge her snark tank.

Here we have Exhibit A, wherein Jia pens a whopping 202 words (560, if you include the block quotes) attempting to tear apart a piece written by former Gawker writer Kelly Conaboy.

Now, I haven’t read Kelly’s satirical piece on (of all things) bay leaves. All I’ve read are the lengthy block quotes Jia pastes into her clusterfuck masterpiece. But, I can’t help but think, “Why, Jia?” She starts off ridiculing Kelly, then ends up... agreeing with her? I don’t even know.


All I do know is that I can write 202 words for $50,000* a year, too. So, Jez, you hiring?

But seriously, what is gained by the constant middle school lunchroom squabbling between current and former Gawker Media employees? Where did these awful people come from and when are they going to grow up?


Not one to regularly read Jia’s stories, that’s three minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

*Oh, sorry, I mean the minimum $70,000 a year Jia gets paid as an editor, as outlined in that stellar union contract GM employees secured last month.


(Note: The above rant is exactly 202 words long. *patiently waits for $70,000 check in the mail*)