Thanks to all for the words of encouragement and kindness from my last post. I have read them all, sorry for not responding, I dipped out after the update because I cranked up the job search in the last two weeks and have come up for air.

I have been religiously job searching since the spring but after getting the news that I don’t have cancer, it gave me a new, just-fucking-go-for-it-the-worse-they-can-say-is-no attitude about my life. So I have been applying for jobs that I might not totally qualify for (I read this article about how women tend to only apply to jobs where they meet most or all of the requirements while men apply for all the jobs, even they’re only partially qualified) but who tf cares? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So before Disney takes over the world, I decided to try and get a foot into the cannabis industry.

Where I live, we just voted on a cannabis tax measure that would raise taxes on those business and the money would go back to the community. I will admit that I should have done a bit more research before voting yes (I was so worried about the house that I didn’t do extensive research) because I didn’t even know we were supposed to be voting on that BUT I’m staying optimistic. Besides, Baby Boomers are the biggest population out here and they’re the ones who are buying up all the weed. Anytime I go to a dispensary, I rarely see people there my age who aren’t employees. So they got money, they also voted on it (it passed with almost 80% approval) and they’re the ones who spend all money on cannabis. Seems like a win.

That being said, cannabis businesses are serious about what they do. It’s definitely a more lax environment when one goes into a dispensary but the employees will discuss all things cannabis to you, at length, just like any business with products to sell. It’s not a bunch of stoners just laughing at everything, the employees are knowledgeable and want to help you. I would like to dip my toe into this and get some sort of trade skill, if possible, in this world. I’ve been applying for positions such as inventory or restocking assistant because I figure it would help me become more familiar with the strains and whatnot. One of the reasons I want to get into the business is because I see all the amazing things it can do for people and animals and feel like it would be a more personally rewarding job.

I mentioned a while back that we were fostering-to-adopt a special needs, blind kitty we named Murdock. We still have him, found out quickly that the poor cat suffers from seizures and had to get him on barbiturates, which was a mess! Murdock was taking phenobarbital, the same meds they give humans just at a much lower dosage, and it fucked him up so much that my stoic, Vulcan boyfriend called me near tears and said that we had to figure something else out because ManWriter had to hold Murdock as he was eating because he couldn’t even sit up. (Sidenote: It was SO BAD that Murdock didn’t even move half the time. We caught it after a few days.)

Murdock has two doctors: his neurologist (N) and his primary vet (PV.) I cried to his PV about this bullshit and he said I should try CBD oil, as he has another patient who is on the exact meds Murdock is on, started taking CBD oil and after a year, was only on the CBD oil (I should point out that the PV said to continue on the meds as well.) Murdock’s N is so very old skool and is not on board with CBD oil, telling me that pets have died from it. The PV (diplomatically) told me ignore the N’s advice since a lot of vets were hesitant to recommend CBD oil since most people just buy the cheapest ones, which might not be regulated very well and cause problems. For the record, this is the CBD oil that I use:


It’s the only one that the PV was familiar with and approved. Obviously it’s a bit expensive but the bottle last forever and I got a discount code (if you want to try it, hit me up for the code.) This is also the CBD oil we use at the cat shelter I volunteer at so it’s the only one I’m familiar with and trust.

Y’all, Murdock is doing so well on it that we’ve started to lower his dosage on phenobarbital and upped the drops of CBD oil. He’s fucking thriving and it feels amazing to see this little cat have a great life! Before this, he used to see “ghosts” and would freak the fuck out and it would be a serious episode that could lead to a seizure. He doesn’t see any ghosts now and if he get startled, he just chitters/growls for a second before going about his way. His seizures are gone and he’s way more curious about the apartment so he’s everywhere (oh yeah, this cat rarely meows and is tiny so we have to make sure to watch where we step.) It took a lot of patience with him too because he has a ton of fluid on his brain (it’s not hurting him and he’s fine) so his reaction time to literally everything is very not-catlike and for cat people, that’s perturbing. Murdock got adopted out to a couple in San Francisco and was promptly returned in ten days because he was “freaking out” which were actually him having seizures on top of being introduced to an entire townhouse within a day or two instead of


As far as the other cats go, Felix is the one who was started getting territorial and hissing at Murdock so I bought some pheromone spray and it completely calmed both cats down. I’m hoping by the beginning of next year to have all three cats walking around the house with no hostilities.

In case anyone is wanting to try it, the reason for the N’s hesitation (according to PV) is that, at the time, there wasn’t a lot of concrete studies about the benefits of CBD oil and he was just “rightfully covering his own ass.” However, over the summer the FDA approved CBD to treat epilepsy:


And CSU (of course) is doing all the studies about the benefits of CBD oil in dogs:


Call me a shill, I don’t care, I’m witnessing firsthand how amazing it is. I highly recommend HempRX to furparent who might be having issues with their furbabies.

If anyone wants to discuss this or share stories, don’t be shy. I would love to chat about all things cannabis.