On last night’s The Nightly Show, actor Joe Morton was one of the panelists - he plays Papa Pope on Scandal, and at the end of the panel Larry Wilmore asked him what Papa Pope would have to say about the Confederate Flag.

He got into character for a 2 minute monologue, aimed at someone raising the Confederate flag, and nailed it; Papa Pope cut straight to the heart of the bigotry that it stands for, and it’s a great watch.

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It’s a complete mindfuck that anyone is defending the flag; that South Carolina is actually debating it. There have been a number of great articles calling out the bullshit rhetoric that’s used to justify the flag as something other than what it is - Ta-Nehisi Coates pulled some really interesting and entirely unambiguous passages from various states, politicians, and journals that puts any and all arguments to rest on whether there’s any validity to the flag’s claim as a symbol of anything other than racism and slavery. A lot of the quotes from magazines in the south during that era - and quotes regarding plans to spread American territory and slavery throughout Latin America and the Caribbean - were surprising and really interesting to me.


But Morton’s turn as Papa Pope doesn’t treat the topic academically or pretend that there’s any debate to be had - he just says what’s so patently clear - that the flag is a symbol of bigotry and the person who raises it is a bigot. Even if you’ve never seen Scandal (like myself) it’s definitely worth the watch.