I don't know what happened to him, but he is for real berating me and my clients, even telling me to be quiet and that I don't have the authority to object. Today he asked a mother about her immigration status. I said "don't answer that." I thought I was going to go to jail for contempt, and I would have, because he was asking my clients and their parents incriminating questions. I can't just sit there and do nothing and he seems to expect me to sit there and do nothing. Let's not even address the fact that a parent's immigration status has nothing to do with her kid's case - he berated her for not being able to speak English and asked if her husband had a visa. (He wasn't even there.)

The judge's staff was really kind to me and congratulated me for not crying or losing it myself. It was very, very difficult, and I raised my voice. A lot of judges would have had me arrested. I texted a mentor from a previous job because I am pretty sure my boss will refuse to let me file a complaint about this. She is thinking about options.

Those poor kids. It's them going to juvie, and them being terrified of this guy who is clearly ill or something. Even if I got fired tomorrow I would land on my feet.