This list feels like a mix of decent obscure stuff with a lot of Diet Goth music. I disagree hard with placing Pink on a Goth list, she’s more pop with a punk attitude. They also included a song by Amy Lee, but she is way more pop symphonic metal than really Goth. I also had that same Kill Rock Stars compilation album from 1991, but don’t remember Infamous Menagerie at all, just the hardcore punk and early Riot Grrrl bands.

I liked Christian Death, it made me think of The Hunger. M Lamar had more of a different Goth style, more influenced by African cultures rather than the white version of Goth. But The Misfits are punk rock, the Nick Cave/PJ Harvey song is a classic murder ballad, Azar Swan seemed to be ripping off Kate Bush hard, and Tori Amos’ “Precious Things” is not Goth at all.

I wasn’t ever into Goth music, at least counting the popular definition of “Goth” music. I didn’t like Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy, or anything that was too dreary-sounding. I liked The Cure, and saw them at Jones Beach, but I know they are considered very mainstream. “Fascination Street” was my favorite song by them, and I really liked the song “One Hundred Years” that was included in this list, I didn’t know it before. I was heavily into Siouxsie and the Banshees, and “Cities In Dust” is one of my favorite songs by them, as well as “Spellbound,” “Kiss Them For Me” (their most mainstream song ever), “Dear Prudence,” “Happy House,” “Arabian Knights,” “The Last Beat of My Heart,” and others.

Someone in the comments mentioned Diamanda Galas, and I forgot that I was also really into her for awhile in my teens, and she freaked me out. I also saw her perform at Pace University in 2005, but I don’t remember the show very well.

The comments had a lot better music choices than the writers did, and they expanded on the thought that the term “Goth” was used as an umbrella for any dark 80’s music, so pretty much post-punk, dark new wave, and 80’s alternative got called Goth. Some brought up music that I connected with at some point in my teens, like The Cocteau Twins and Jesus and Mary Chain. So I think that was more my style, as well as being into 90’s alternative rock, dance, R&B, some metal, indie hip-hop, trip-hop, electronica, and whatever I liked in between.