Justin Bieber is not an American, he comes from the north. Nope, not Canada, further north. NORTH LIKE OUTER SPACE!!! Now I finally have VIDEO EVIDENCE that Bieber is a Reptilian space monster sent here to impregnate our Earth tweens with lizard babies.

Play the video. Do you see his eyes change? If you need to, slow down the slowed down portion of the video. DO YOU SEE IT? There is no earthly reason why someone's eyes would change like that, so the most logical explanation is that he is an alien reptile that is well versed in our earth popular music and is trying to destroy us. That's occum's razor, dum dums.

I can't get any more work done today, I have too much yarn to hang in my cubicle connecting this to my other findings. Could this new revelation be tied to the drought in California? I can't rule that out. Could the egging that caused $20,000 damage to Bieber's neighbor's house been caused by Beiber's own super caustic lizard eggs? I think that is more than likely.