Yes, I'm old and cranky. But I spent 45 minutes today trying to talk our intern out of getting an apartment before she gets a job. Because there's that silly thing do you know what you can afford until you know what you get paid? 45 minutes! And I don't think her parents will help, because they are against it. I say if your parents are willing, ride it as long as you can, You'll save so much money living at home for a year or two.

It's one thing to look at what's out there and see what you can afford and manage your expectations. But she is seriously planning on doing this. I also had to force her to look up her FICO score because they look at that now, apparently. What really steams my biscuits is her score is only 20 points lower than mine because she's an authorized user on her parents very high limit cards, so she benefits from that, even though her credit history is so short.

Also apparently there is at least one studio at Lex and 89th that's under $1100. I'll get to see the pictures in the AM, I'm expecting to at least see one Hellmouth in the bathtub.