I tried to post at work but Kinja doesn't work with my IE on my work computer (can't load comments past the first three in a set that show up, can't post).

Anyway, I'm starting to realize that a lot of writers on Jezebel, in lieu of being actually funny, PUT THINGS IN CAPITAL LETTERS BECAUSE THAT'S FUNNY. It was initially just a Lindy West thing, but then they republished that article from Samantha Irby and lo and behold, CAPITAL LETTERS, VAGUELY VULGAR COMMENT, HILARIOUS.

Be funny. Capital letters are Drew's shtick, and it works for him because his persona is an overly excitable teen that is somehow in his mid-30s. When I read his posts I imagine someone off their ritalin flailing about. But when it pops up on Jezebel, it really just seems like an attempt to say THIS IS IN CAPITAL LETTERS BECAUSE SHOUTING IN WRITING IS FUNNY.

In short (and go read that Samantha Irby post about casual sex to get the punchline), MY POON HOLE IS READY FOR A POUNDIN', YOU GUISE.