Based on a true story.

High-functioning reclusive millionaire eccentric Nicholas Denton has been kept alive by consuming the uncounted souls of innocent commenters that he has allowed to be unjustly banned. In a twisted attempt to sate his ever-growing dark hunger through channeling his users' pain, he manically oversees the round-the-clock construction of a sprawling commenting system known as Kinja. Meant to torture the living by diluting their context and trapping their messages through constant byzantine changes in format, sharing, and authorship privileges, he seeks to grow Kinja ever larger to ensnare the thoughts of the living and feed his blackened soul.

A rag-tag group of commenters known as "Clashtalk" are absorbed into Kinja, causing their conversations to quickly become disjointed and unintelligible. Their only clues on how to escape Kinja and achieve message coherency are the ramblings of an incoherent commenter known as Zuzax who was trapped inside the bowels of Kinja for several months due to his rousing Denton's ire. Given up for dead, Zuzax makes a mysterious reappearance within Kinja. Can he be trusted to warn them of the terrors he has seen within, or does he have his own sinister motives? Can anyone stop Denton, or is escape their only salvation?