This is some Usual Suspects or Inception shit.

There’s someone clearly posing as BonMorte, with the underlying user name of “ihatemizjenkins”, posting virulently racist stuff on a main page Trump post.

Then MizJenkins posted the comment below and I pointed out that she might want to report this as personal harassment. Then some other burner comes in to assert that fake BonMorte/ ihatemizjenkins is really someone FKA Ian Anthony FKA Three-Fifths compromise, who was banned for threatening the real BonMorte’s daughter with rape.

Then someone with a display name of BonMorte, underlying username of ibreakminds, claimed to be the original BonMorte AND wrote that the poseur BonMorte, FKA Three-Fifths Compromise, is really a friend of MizJenkins posing as a virulent racist, and the two are in cahoots.

Are we awake or are we dreaming?


Actually, this previous post, with another BonMorte (underlying username nevercanbebanned), Three-Fifths Compromise (underlying username uncledonlemon) and Ian Anthony Little Bitch, makes me think that this is all one bored idiot with a hundred burner accounts, just hitting himself. In other words, Fight Club.