As I do every year, I have procrastinated figuring out my Halloween costume. I might be going to a party on Saturday, so I need to figure something out before then, and I could use some help. Here are my ideas, but let me know if you have others.

1. I have a flapper dress, headband, and fake pearls, which I wore to a themed party this summer. The dress is obviously short and sleeveless though, and for those of you not in the Boston area, it has gotten quite cold. So what else can I do with this as a starting point that will be warmer, and more interesting?

2. Try to throw together an Isis costume, or something similar, which I can hopefully piece together with some stuff I have around and some stuff I can buy off Amazon with two-day shipping. But I’ll probably only do this if I can find cheap stuff, or reusable stuff, because I hate spending lots of money on things I’ll only wear once.


3. I’m not opposed to going the lazy route. One year I was three-hole punch Jim. In high school, I took my inspiration from Buffy and just wore a nametag that said “God.”


4. New idea! Marceline from Adventure Time. I think I’d just need a long wig, and to make the axe guitar out of cardboard or something.