Leah’s wildly entertaining live blog of yesterday’s meeting omitted her screaming match with Nick. Ostensible subject: Advertising head Andrew Gorenstein’s desire to fire Biddle for pissing off advertisers. Actual subject: Who knows more about the The New York Times, and whether it too weighs reporting against advertising.

“It doesn’t! I know that for a fact. It does not and it never will,” Finnegan said.

“I think at some level, yes they do. I know enough New York Times people to know that,” Denton said.

“Nick, I worked there for two and a half years. They canceled ads in favor of journalism.”

“Do you know how much money we lose all the time, because of cancellations in ads? I cannot, I cannot believe that you are actually saying this!”

“Make this into an advertising company then! Say what it really is! It’s not a place for journalism!”


EDIT: Graby Sauce has added some great updates from Twitter below.

Also, this explains why Jezebel ran a five-month-old Biddle story yesterday, “Brands are not your friend”.