Apologies if this has been shared here sometime when I wasn’t paying attention, but Jesus, this makes me happy. It’s almost too much: like being a kid and eating a couple big fat roses off a birthday cake, skipping the cake part, just the rush and sweetly gritty perfection of lipsticky-tasting flowers.

There’s a good bit of Nicholas Brothers in here, but I would have loved more. Almost too much Miss Frances Gumm, and if you’d told me that anything from Singinin the Rain could be repurposed, I’d have scoffed, but it’s freakily charming here. I want some Irene Dunne, jitterbugging to Gone With the Wind from The Awful Truth, and it would be perfect.

There’s a similar entry, that comes and goes from YouTube: T-Pain’s In Love with a Stripper, stapled artfully onto some Barbara Stanwyck footage from Lady of Burlesque, a crackly, too-chatty murder mystery that takes place in a burlesque house, and would have been no more than a respectable b-film, if it wasn’t for old Ruby, hamming it up.

Ehhhhhhhhhh, Ima go watch it again.