Aside from my over zealous protege tryin to do the pop infect troll... anyone know, that, pardon the expression for lack of more experienced description, cuz vik and the rest of my ancestors past and present, but that “euro trash” Tekno sound? Like royal art house or something or other??? autos and flitchyness??? Anyone??

((yes ungedddy was raised witha lotta squueezeboxmikkieez so you know, you know))

[ETA- not volvox either!!! Ahahahahah Thats the brat that got me booted from the club that time during bayktdin/landfil/alt_aab/bluecollahhollah/backyardbauhaus/boggybandit #crosstalk era and whoeverthefuqelse lolol] ; dogs and Botswana and biocurios and hmmm slumming lysergic cats-something or other that kiwi chick, hmmm,.. grand theft Torino or cutlass,, hmmm.... my pizza place gal from jerzy hmm jus saw her pop up on reddit with her doughman LOLOLOLOL ....and this bloke comes in dancing like a lunatic!!! Lololololol]