(Pantheon, maybe? mmm, I don't feel like investigating the relationship between the two at the moment, but...)

I love the disconnect that happens when a New Englander deploys the term wicked among touchyfeely fakeness... "But but, that means bad bad." Nuttutall! It means what it needs to mean up hereand if that's too mean, well, consider yourself and your vulgarity. Who's exempt? Peeps that say bish? Nay, I say. [the internet is a cross cultural trainwreck]

Stayed off the computer and media in general for a couple days, save for a couple dvds, and was STILL giggling like an idiot any time that Doge the CreeperHunter madness thread popped in to my head. Between that and DealerWithIt Shade Drop gif I could barely handle myself for more than 45mintues at a time.

Then, I'd imagine a pinup encountering all the praise on certain subreddits, and whipping this up.

Naughty By Nature - Wickedest Man Alive —>