I love when the internet decides to focus its outrage on one, supremely deserving suspect. Not that the person should be bullied or harassed; just that we should all discuss how much they suck.

xojane is horrible. Xojane should cease to exist. Amanda Lauren, the author of the current offending xojane story, is horrible. (She’s also a horrible writer.) I’m not going to link to the xojane post because seriously everyone should boycott xojane until it dies. tl;dr they published a story by Lauren about how a former friend that she hadn’t been friends with died and it was definitely for the best because her house was messy and she was suffering from mental illness.

Anyway let’s hateread some Amanda Lauren, who’s also made the news previously for writing about how the key to a happy marriage is to stay hot for your husband. A hot wife means a happy husband.

This little “Epic Incident”:

is amazing. There’s just so much.


That’s from paragraph one...

And guys, you’re in luck! You can fund her memoir!

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