She has a book coming out. Interesting interview about her response to “trolls”. Her take on people who hate her is amusing given her contempt for commenters who disagree with her in the slightest. I guess those would be the aforementioned “trolls”.

Excerpt regarding Gawker/Jezebel:

In your book, you write about the ways in which Gawker Media — which owns Jezebel, and where I was an editor — seemed to privilege commenters over writers.

LW: It undermines one of the fundamental jobs of an editor, which is to support your writers and to protect your writers. If you’re saying that this is a two-way conversation, then how can the writers feel like they have faith in you as an editor and that you’re going to have their back? It ruins that relationship a little bit.

In August 2014, Jezebel published a post called “We Have A Rape Gif Problem And Gawker Media Won’t Do Anything About It.”

LW: It wasn’t the first time we’d complained about it; we’d been complaining about it for months. But that was right when I was leaving — I wasn’t involved in writing the post. Sometimes stuff happened in the office that I just wasn’t privy to because I was so far away. But I also wasn’t a very good Gawker Media employee. I didn’t go in the comments as much as I was supposed to. We were supposed to go engage with at least one person on each post and I just never did it. I was like, you know what, I’m not gonna do this and let’s see what happens. Are you gonna fire me for not talking to these horrible people who hate me?