Some of you may recall that I am in some bullshit leadership training at work. We had to all prepare and give brief inspirational speeches on why leadership training is the greatest. Which rang oddly true with Gideon's note that these trainings occasionally employ brainwashing techniques... I mean, what better way to convince all of us that leadership training is great than to have us all convince each other, and probably also convince ourselves in the process of writing the speech?

So, fine. I came up with a good story from my past about open mindedness and not getting stuck doing things that don't make sense based purely on habit. I shoehorned in some concepts from the class and basically gave the class credit for giving us all time to reflect. (Been doing a lot of "reflecting" while the teacher blathers on.)

Day of, we were armed with little clickers for feedback to the presenters, rating various aspects of the speeches. Data was compiled and we just saw the spreadsheet with all the grades. And guess who got the overall best score out of the 20 or so people in the training?

It's the little things that make me happy sometimes.