I didn't have much motivation at work this week so I looked at stupid crap on the Internet about proposals. There are a lot of really horrible ideas on there. A scavenger hunt? Putting the ring on a gal while she sleeps and waking her up with champagne? Doing it in public? Oh, crap.

Bf and I saw someone propose at a restaurant (a chain restaurant!) recently and he was disdainful that the guy didn't get down on one knee. So it's set - I'm going to live in fear for the next few months. Next weekend we're going to see his parents and the ring I'm getting resides with his mom. He's asked for it and will presumably get it then. Now every visit could turn into a really awkward romantic moment! I hope he does something sarcastic and low-key so I don't die. Excuse me while I cover up my face with my hands while alone.