Well, at least in spirit; the old buck was fictional...

This animation comes from a story, L'homme qui plantait des arbres (The Man Who Planted Trees) written back in 1953, by Jean Giono. Then, in 1987, Frédéric Back animated it and scored an Academy Award for the effort.

The story, at least the one in the animation (I'm not actually familiar with the book) is no less true then, than it is today, as in- TREES, YOU HORSES ASSES! TREES! although quietly told and not even remotely in such deservedly harsh a tone.

Nothing too hard to handle here if you're new to the scene or just trying to catch up to the (re)awakening or whatever it is/will be called. The flick has positive a message without being too sheltery about what we've done and continue to do, or too sappy about what we can achieve. Ok, maybe it's a little sappy ...get it? trees? ok ok... anyway, it's fictional but, it's not bullshit.

If we can't handle environmentalism AND racism AND sexism AND stupid assholism (an umbrella term, if you will) all at the same time, maybe we really should get bumped off the planet, and giant dildo mushrooms should re-inherit Earth. It's all continual maintenance; it's how we right the ship. We can make constant incremental steps to make things better and it can add up in our favor, just as it did against (side note: some of these slimy bastards, interfering with those steps, while they sit on green tech (FFS!), deserve the gibbet. Yes, you, Mr Fuckface Boringtie, worried about losing market share to reasonable practices, fearing wide-scale enlightenment, never knowing when to quit while you're ahead, unable to be satisfied with the obscene amount of profit you've already banked many times over. Raping the land and swindling your countrymen and countrywomens, as well as the world at large ..whoa now! /endtangent ...maybe I should rewatch this too.)

So, ya, it's all environmentalism in a way. Never drawing the conclusion that -our biosphere is just as important as how we live in that biosphere- is silly of us! It is foolish. Mr Liu, Princess GorgeousLady, those mellow African dudes, the water department guy with the bad haircut, and that 80's metalhead rock&roller dude- they, are not fooling you about that. Don't let those bobbleheads in the media and our politics fool you in to believing items on the agenda should fall off before closure. It's all important, it all must be rectified -and- maintained. And that's always been the case; especially since we started manipulating the land to meet our purposes.


It really is a beautiful piece, I encourage yalls to watch it...